Complete your Contest Teams with new Blitz Kicker cards!

Complete your Contest Teams with new Blitz Kicker cards! 

Looking to get a leg up on the competition in this season’s Blitz Contests? Well now you can….literally. We have just released special Blitz packs which contain kickers that can help your team every weekend!

The brand new 2018 Blitz Kicker cards are now available to open in the Blitz store!

The 2018 Blitz Kicker set is available in 4 variations – Base, Bronze, Silver and Gold and each has a special Contest Bonus multiplier.

Collect all 31 Kicker cards for the 2018 Blitz set! 2018 Blitz Kicker cards are available in two packs:

2018 Blitz Kicker Pack – 250 coins – Each pack includes 1 Guaranteed Kicker card and a 1:5 chance for a Bronze variation!

2018 Blitz VIP Kicker Pack – 250 coins – Each pack includes 1 Kicker card AND 1 Bronze Variation. There is also a 1:10 chance for a Silver or Gold variation each pack!!

To get VIP status, make any coin purchase from the Blitz coin store!



Enter this week’s Preseason Contest and win FREE Coins!

Enter this week’s Preseason Contest and win FREE Coins!

Our Weekly Blitz Contests are back! To help get you prepared for the 2018 Regular Season, we are kicking things off with a Preseason Contest for this week’s game. Be sure to update your Blitz App to play! To enter the contest, simply set a lineup using your 2018 Blitz cards and you will get FREE Blitz Coins just for playing! Take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Contests and how to set your lineup using your 2018 Blitz cards. This is a great opportunity to try out your first Contest or see how your skills compare to fellow Blitz users.

Only cards from the 2018 Blitz Collection will be eligible for this season’s contests.

There will be two Contests open for this week’s games. A regular Blitz Contest and a Blitz VIP Contest. Both are free to enter. By setting your lineup and playing in the regular Contest, you will receive 2,500 Blitz Coins. Setting your lineup and entering the VIP Contest will get you 5,000 Blitz Coins. Just by entering, you will be eligible for the Blitz Coin rewards no matter where you finish on the Leaderboard. Just like the NFL Preseason, this week’s contests are a warm-up for when the real Contests begin and the prizes are bigger and the competition gets harder.

If you need cards for you Contest Team, head to the Blitz Store and get your 2018 Blitz Packs to get eligible cards for the contests.

Please note that Kickers are not yet available, so your team will be complete without a Kicker. Don’t worry, we have Kicker packs on the way and they will be available next week!






Panini Instant honors the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

Instant honors the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2018!

New Panini Instant cards have arrived on Blitz! Panini Instant brings the latest NFL action straight to your card collections! Panini Instant inserts feature significant moments, great plays and outstanding performances from throughout the season.

Panini Instant card are also available in physical form through the Panini American website. You can get the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!

For our Blitz Digital fans, every week we will release new cards featuring outstanding performances and moments from throughout the NFL season.

Newly inducted members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame are featured in this week’s Instant release!

  1. Brian Dawkins
  2. Jerry Kramer
  3. Ray Lewis
  4. Randy Moss
  5. Brian Urlacher

Instant cards are available in the following packs and will be available until 8/14/2018 at 1pm EST:

  • Instant HOF Pack – 1500 coins – 1 guaranteed random Instant Award Winner Card and a 1:25 chance for an Instant Signature
  • Instant HOF VIP Pack – 2500 coins – 1 guaranteed Instant Award Winner insert and 1 Instant Signature per pack! Plus a 1:10 chance for a second Instant Base or Signature.

To gain VIP status and access the Blitz VIP Store, just make any coin purchase in the Blitz Coin Store. VIP store access is based on the amount of coins purchased. Visit the coin store for details!