Auctions come to Blitz!

Be sure to update to the newest version of Blitz to use our new feature!!!!

Our newest module is now available on Blitz! Welcome to Blitz Auctions! You can now list and bid on cards using your Blitz Coins in our new Auction tab of the Trade section! Pick any card from your Blitz Collection and you can make it available for other users to bid on. Or use your Blitz coins and go after rare cards you want that other users are selling!

How do I list cards?

  • Go to the Trade module in Blitz
  • Go to the Create tab to create your auction

  • Find the card in your collection you want to list
  • Set the Minimum Bid Amount and Buy price to create your listing
  • Auctions last for 24 hours
  • You can also Feature your auction for an additional 2000 coins per listing


How do I bid on cards?

  • Open the Trade module in Blitz
  • Go to the Auctions tab
  • Featured auctions will be listed first and you can click on the Auctions tab to see all other listings
  • Click on a card you want to bid on
  • On the bid screen you can either place a bid, or buy the card at the listed Buy Price
  • If you use the Buy option, the card will be added to your collection immediately
  • To place a bid amount use the scroll next to “Your Bid” to find the bid amount you want to place
  • If you place a bid, you will receive the card when the auction timer expires if you are the highest bidder


How much does it cost to list cards?

  • There is a listing fee of 500 Blitz Coins per card
  • If the card receives no bids, users will be refunded 50% of the listing fee (250 coins)
  • If the card receives bids, there will be an additional 10% Fee deducted from the final sale price.
    • Example – Card sells for 10,000 Blitz coins
      • Listing Fee 500 Blitz coins
      • 10% Fee 1,000 Blitz coins
      • User receives 8,500 Blitz coins from the sale


You can list up to 4 auctions at one time. VIP Users can list unlimited auctions! Gain VIP access by making any coin purchase in the Blitz Store.