Adrian Peterson Signature Series

Signature Series

Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson is today’s Signature Series insert.  Signature Series inserts can only be found in the Signature Series packs. Packs are limited to 1 per account and each pack guarantees a Signature Series insert.  A new Signature Series insert will be released every 2 to 3 days. There are 16 total cards in the Signature Series set:

  1. Andrew Luck – retired
  2. DeAndre Hopkins – retired
  3. Ben Roethlisberger – retired
  4. Demaryius Thomas – retired
  5. Aaron Rodgers – retired
  6. Matt Forte – retired
  7. Peyton Manning – retired
  8. Dez Bryant – retired
  9. Philip Rivers – retired
  10. Rob Gronkowski – retired
  11. Matt Ryan – retired
  12. Adrian Peterson
  13. Drew Brees
  14. Tony Romo
  15. Russell Wilson
  16. Eli Manning

By collecting all 16 cards, you’ll also receive the Tom Brady Signature Series Reward Card!

Today’s Matt Ryan Signature Series insert will be available until the next Signature Series card is released.