Cris Carter Eternal HOF


Cris Carter


Some of the most timeless moments in sports are about to become a whole lot more collectible. Today,Panini America, the world’s largest sports and entertainment collectibles company and the exclusive traditional trading card partner of the NFL and the NFLPA, will launch Panini Eternal, a new on-demand trading card platform that will deliver unique and rare trading cards honoring the most iconic accomplishments in sports history, special tributes and commemorations of past championships.

The newest NFL Eternal card arrives today. Panini Eternal will pay tribute to the Pro Football Hall of Fame member, Cris Carter. The physical trading cards will also feature rare variations that include authentic diamonds! The unique physical cards will be available to order on the Panini Eternal website ( for just 48 hours.

For our Gridiron Digital fans, we are also providing special digital variations of the cards for Gridiron! Collectors will be able to chase the Eternal Insert along with special Memorabilia versions within the APP! Like the physical cards, these cards will only be available for 48 hours!

Today’s Eternal digital cards will be available in Gridiron in the following packs until 3pm EST 11/2/2016:

  • Eternal Carter Coin Pack – 100 Coins – 1:25 odds on average to pull an Eternal Base Insert
  • Eternal Carter VIP Pack – FREE with daily VIP Access – 1 guaranteed Panini Eternal Insert per pack (1 pack per account)
  • Eternal Carter Diamond Pack – $9.99USD – 1 guaranteed Panini Eternal Diamond Memorabilia Insert per pack – Available ONLY in this pack
  • 12_carter_eternal_mem

For 20 weeks, there will be a new Hall of Fame Eternal card every Monday. Collectors that can collect all 20 Hall of Fame Eternal cards will receive a special SIGNATURE Hall of Fame Reward Card in that matching variation! For example, collecting all 20 of the Eternal Diamond Memorabilia cards will get you a Eternal Diamond Memorabilia Signature Reward card! Please note, only one Eternal Reward and Eternal Memorabilia Reward variation will be given per account.

Remember, you can also own the physical versions of these trading cards by going to the Panini Eternal website ( and ordering there!


  • Eternal HoF Card 1 – Brett Favre – SOLD OUT
  • Eternal HOF Card 2 – Marvin Harrison – SOLD OUT
  • Eternal HOF Card 3 – Jerome Bettis – SOLD OUT
  • Eternal HOF Card 4 – Tim Brown – SOLD OUT
  • Eternal HOF Card 5 – Michael Strahan – SOLD OUT
  • Eternal HOF Card 6 – Cris Carter