Draft Dual Signatures Anderson, Simms, Jacobs & Sproles

Score Draft Dual Signatures

Ottis Anderson & Phil Simms

Brandon Jacobs & Darren Sproles

Next up from our Score collection is Draft Dual Signatures! The Draft Dual Signatures set pairs up stars of today in the NFL. Draft Dual Signatures is a 9 card set. There will also be a Reward Card for collecting all 9 cards. A new Draft Dual Signatures will release every Tuesday. Once a new Draft Dual Signatures releases the previous card will be retired. 

Today’s Draft Dual Signatures Insert features – Ottis Anderson & Phil Simms – Brandon Jacobs & Darren Sproles

The Draft Dual Signatures inserts can be found in the following packs:

  • Draft Dual Pack – 100 coinsLook for Draft Dual Signatures! 1:50 chance on average.
  • Draft Dual VIP Pack – 100 coinsVIP Reduced Odds! Look for Draft Dual Signatures 1:25 chance on average!
  • Draft Dual Premium Pack – $7.99 USD – Each pack contains one guaranteed Draft Dual Signature insert.

Making any coin purchase in the coin store will grant VIP access for 24 hours.

If you can collect all 9 Draft Dual Signatures cards you will receive a special Draft Dual Signatures Mike Ditka & Jimmy Johnson reward card. The deadline for completing the set is 09/05/17 at 2pm EST.


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