Ezekiel Elliott Breast Cancer Awareness Inserts

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ezekiel Elliott


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and to help bring awareness, Gridiron will be releasing a new Breast Cancer Awareness card every day during the month of October. Not only will the players be donning pink on the field, but we’ll be showing our pink in Gridiron as well. Gridiron Breast Cancer Awareness cards come in three variants – Pink Wristband, Signature, and Ribbon Shields:

29a_12944_7f32_2016breawa_di 29a_12944_7f32_2016breawa_di_sig 29a_12944_7f32_2016breawa_di_prime

Today’s Breast Cancer Awareness insert is: Ezekiel Elliott

Breast Cancer Awareness cards can be found in the following packs:

  • 2016 BCA Packs – 100 coins – Wristbands are 1:25, Signature are 1:100 and Shields are 1:250 packs on average
  • VIP All-Access Packs – 100 coins with VIP Access – Wristbands are 1:25, Signature are 1:100 and Shields are 1:250 packs on average
  • 2016 BCA Premium Packs – $4.99 US – One Wristband GUARANTEED per pack, Signatures are 1:5 packs, and Shields are 1:10 packs on average.

If you can collect all 31 Breast Cancer Awareness cards in a specific variant by 11:59pm on 11/2/16, you’ll receive TWO Reward Cards in the matching variant! For example, collecting all 31 Signature cards will reward you the Jameis Winston and David Johnson Signature Reward Cards. Please note that only 1 Reward variant will be given per account.

33a_12944_7f32_2016breawa_di_prime 32a_12944_7f32_2016breawa_di_sig