Instant Week 7 Cards now available!

Week 7 Instant Cards Available

Panini Instant has arrived on Blitz! Panini Instant brings the latest NFL action straight to your card collections! Panini Instant inserts feature significant moments, great plays and outstanding performances from throughout the season.

Panini Instant card are also available in physical form through the Panini American website. You can get the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!

For our Blitz Digital fans, every week we will release new cards featuring outstanding performances and moments from the previous week of NFL action.

Week 7 cards are now available for you to collect on Blitz!

Starting with Week 7 Instant Cards, all Instant base inserts will receive a 3x Contest Scoring Bonus and all Instant Signature Inserts will carry a 6x Contest Scoring Bonus!

The Week 7 Panini Instant Cards feature

  1. Eddie Jackson – Scores 2 Defensive TDs
  2. Drew Brees – Throws 500th career TD
  3. Ezekiel Elliott – Dominates out west
  4. Dak Prescott – Throws 4 TD passes
  5. Tom Brady – Leads Patriots in Super Bowl rematch
  6. Carson Wentz – Wentz Leads Eagles

Instant cards are available in the following packs and will be available until 11/1/2017 at 1pm EST:

  • Instant Pack – 1 random Instant Week 7 Card
  • Instant Box – Contains all 6 Instant Week 7 Cards

VIP Users can also choose to chase the Instant Signature Cards! Each pack guarantees a random Instant Signature variation! Making any coin purchase grants you VIP access until midnight of that day.

  • Instant Signature Pack – 1 random Instant Week 7 Card
  • Instant Signature Box – Contains all 6 Instant Signature Week 7 Cards