New Weekly Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt


**New Weekly Scavenger Hunt Now Available!**

Welcome to this week’s Gridiron Scavenger Hunt! Each Monday we will announce a list of cards for users to chase. The following Sunday if you own any of the cards or all the cards you will receive a coin bonus! Scavenger Hunt cards can be ones you own, pulled or traded for. Each card on the Scavenger Hunt list will have a coin value associated to it. Owning that card by the reward deadline will earn you the coin value associated with the card.  There will also be a bonus reward for owning all cards on the weekly list! The Scavenger Hunt Reward will be given out at the designated times this Sunday – 8/20/2017. You must have the card in your album to receive the Scavenger Hunt Reward. Please note you can only receive one Scavenger Hunt Reward for each card. Owning multiples of a card will not earn multiple rewards.

Russell Wilson Signal Callers (Thursday) – Value 250 coins – Deadline is 8/20/17 at 3pm EST

Marshawn Lynch & Todd Gurley II Reflections Red (Wednesday) – Value 500 coins – Deadline is 8/20/17 at 4pm EST

Dee Ford Defenders Jersey (Monday 08/14) – Value 1000 coins – Deadline is 8/20/17 at 5pm EST

Ottis Anderson & Phil Simms Draft Dual Signature (Tuesday) – Value 2000 coins – Deadline is 8/20/17 at 6pm EST

Bonus Coin Reward for owning all 4 cards – 2000 coins – Deadline is 8/20/17 at 7pm EST