Rookie Premiere Field Day Has Arrived

2016 Rookie Premiere Field Day

Joey Bosa_Field_Day

It was an amazing week at the NFLPA Rookie Premiere and we have the cards to prove it! Our newest Rookie Premiere set is Field Day. The Field Day set features the rookies on the field at the Rookie Premiere in Los Angeles! It’s your first glimpse of the rookies in their full NFL team gear!

Gridiron Field Day not only features some of the best rookies from the upcoming season, but there are also autographed variations that the players signed minutes after the cards were made! Those of you that followed @PaniniDigital on Twitter got a close-up look of the players actually signing their cards:


All 39 Rookies that were on the field for the Rookie Premiere are represented in the Field Day set. Each rookie also has a Gold variation along with Signature and Gold Signature version!

Jared Goff_Field_Day_signature_Gold Ezekiel Elliott_Field_Day_Signature

  • All 39 rookies are available in the Field Day Packs, Field Day inserts will be inserted in two different packs:
  • Field Day Packs – contains 1 Field Day insert per pack. Additional Golds are 1:25 packs on average.
  • Field Day Signature Packs – contains 1 Field Day Signature per pack. Additional Gold Signatures are 1:25 packs on average.

By collecting all 39 cards in one variation, collectors will receive a special 5 card Reward set in that variation. For example, collecting all 39 Gold Signatures will get you 5 Gold Signature Reward cards! Head to the store now and have a Field Day!

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