Sheriff and Jameis Silhouettes

New Silhouettes!manning_silo

The Crown Royale Silhouettes have been one of the most popular Panini inserts for years, and now they have come to Gridiron!  Each week we will release two new Silhouette inserts for you to collect.  Every Silhouette card is limited to just 500 copies!  There are 16 cards in the Silhouette set:

  1. Tim Brown
  2. Russell Wilson
  3. Brett Favre
  4. Jerry Rice
  5. Roger Staubach
  6. Drew Brees
  7. Eli Manning
  8. Joe Namath
  9. Matthew Stafford
  10. Colin Kapernick
  11. Lawrence Taylor
  12. Jamaal Charles
  13. Peyton Manning
  14. Jameis Winston
  15. Marcus Mariota
  16. Amari Cooper

By collecting all 16 cards, you’ll also receive the Todd Gurley Silhouette Reward Card!

Today’s Silhouette Inserts are – Peyton Manning and Jameis Winston

Silhouettes can only be found in the Silhouette packs. The odds of pulling a Silhouette insert are 1:60 packs.