Thunder and Lightning Strikes in Gridiron

Thunder and Lightning

Blake Bortles & Allen Robinson

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Our newest Gridiron set is now available. Introducing dual sided Thunder & Lightning Cards! The cards pair up some of the most powerful duos in the NFL today. A new Thunder and Lightning insert will release daily at 5pm EST. Once a new card releases, the previous one will be retired and no longer available.

The Thunder & Lightning set is a 9 card set and consists of the following players:

  • Andrew Luck & T.Y. Hilton – SOLD OUT
  • Blake Bortles & Allen Robinson – AVAILABLE NOW
  • Derek Carr & Amari Cooper
  • Eli Manning & Odell Beckham Jr
  • Aaron Rodgers & Jordy Nelson
  • Matt Ryan & Julio Jones
  • Richard Sherman & Earl Thomas
  • Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski
  • Tony Romo & Dez Bryant

Today’s Thunder & Lightning Insert is Blake Bortles & Allen Robinson

Thunder & Lightning Inserts can be found in the following packs:

  • Thunder & Lightning Pack – 100 coins – Odds of pulling a Thunder & Lightning insert is 1:10 packs on average
  • VIP All-Access Pack – 100 coins with VIP Access – Odds of pulling a Thunder & Lightning insert is 1:10 packs on average

Collectors that manage to collect all 9 Thunder & Lightning inserts by 12/10 at 5pm EST will receive a special Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware Reward Card! Please note, the reward will be limited to one per account despite how many sets are completed by a user.

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