VIP changes, Upgrades, and Transfer update!

VIP changes, Upgrades, and Transfer update!

We have some exciting news to share for all our Blitz users! We have a new Blitz Update available soon (Version 1.0.6) and it contains some of our biggest improvements to date! Look for the update later today in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store! We will also send a notification once the new version is available.

VIP Changes

We believe a VIP system should truly benefit our VIP’s. In order to do that, we are making the following update to the VIP program. Based on the coin bundle you purchase, users will be given LONGER access to the VIP store. The .99 bundle will now grant VIP Store access for 3 hours after each purchase. $4.99 bundles will grant 24 Hour access after purchase. Purchases greater than $4.99 will see VIP Store access granted for up to 30 days after purchase based on the amount of coins bought.

Additionally, each coin purchase will also give users 10% more coins with each purchase! For example, if you purchase a 100,000 coin bundle, you will now get 110,000 coins!

 Coin Purchase VIP Store Access Time (from time of purchase)
$0.99 3 Hours
$4.99 24 Hours
$9.99 72 Hours
$19.99 7 Days (168 Hours)
$49.99 15 Days (360 Hours)
$74.99 20 Days (480 Hours)
$99.99 30 Days (720 Hours)

App Improvements and Enhancements

We have listened to many of your suggestions and have worked hard to improve many areas of the app including Trades, Viewing Collections, and Opening Packs. Here is a list of improvements that you will see with the new update:

Section Changes Made
Overall Performance App loading time greatly improved from switching between different sections of the app
Collections Scrolling through collections is faster, easier and card loading times greatly reduced
Collections When viewing a collection and navigating back to a collection home page, it will now go back to the spot you were before.
Tapjoy Tapjoy videos fixed on Android
Trade Module New Featured Trade Section. Users can feature their cards for more views in the Open Trade for 2000 coins per card
Trade Module New thumbnail view with Got and Need identification for easy trading as well as tabs for easy filtering
Trade Module New ability to add messages to your Open Trades to request the type of cards you want
Trade Module Trades will now be moved out of trade pool 15 minutes prior to trade completion
Trade Module Ability to Delete Trades (Both users must be on version 1.6 to use feature)
Store Ability to purchase up to 20 packs at one time
Store When viewing a specific store and navigating back to the store home page, it will now go back to the spot you were before.
Pack Opening Faster and smoother pack opening experience

Transfer Update

We are very close to executing the Transfer of Gridiron assets to Blitz. Coins will be transferred first, followed by cards at a later date. Expect to see the Gridiron Coin transfer during the week of Dec 11th. Your Gridiron Coin Balance will be transferred at a rate of 10 to 1. For example, if you have 1,000 Gridiron Coins, you will be credited 10,000 Blitz coins when the coin transfer is completed.