Brett Favre Accolades


Brett Favre


Today we release our newest Gridiron set, Accolades. The Accolades set highlights some of the top performances in the NFL. Whether it was a game, a season or career, these players all deserved their Accolades . The Accolades set will consist of 12 cards. One new card releases every 3 days. Once a new Accolades insert is released, the previous Accolades insert will be retired.

The Accolades set consists of the following players:

  1. Dan Marino – SOLD OUT
  2. Adrian Peterson – SOLD OUT
  3. Gale Sayers – SOLD OUT
  4. Peyton Manning – SOLD OUT
  5. Emmitt Smith – SOLD OUT
  6. Brett Favre – AVAILABLE NOW
  7. Joe Montana
  8. Drew Brees
  9. Aaron Rodgers
  10. Terrell Davis
  11. Eric Dickerson
  12. LaDainian Tomlinson

Today’s Accolades insert is: Brett Favre

Accolades inserts can only be found in Accolades packs in the Gridiron Store. Each pack is 100 coins and odds of pulling a Accolades insert is 1:15 packs on average.

Collectors that complete the entire 12 card set by 11:59pm EST on 10/19/16 will receive a special Jerry Rice Accolades Reward card!