Origins Day 12


Day 12


One of our newest physical brands has just become digital! Origins is the latest offering from Gridiron. The Gridiron set has multiple chase aspects for you to collect how you want and who you want! There’s also some great bonuses! Each day a new Origins Veteran, Origins Rookie Signature and Origins Patch card will be released. There will also be an Origins Quad Signature released every 2 days. There will be daily rewards for collectors that can chase all the Origin Variants. There are a total of 20 Veterans, 20 Rookie Signatures, 20 Patches, and 10 Quad Signatures in the Origins set. Each Veteran, Rookie and Patch will only be available for one day until the next card is released!

Origins Veteran and Rookie Signatures come in 3 colors – Blue, Red, and Green:

12a_12862_7f29_originbase_di_blue 12a_12862_7f29_originbase_di_red 12a_12862_7f29_originbase_di_green

  • 12a_12863_7f29_origroosig_di_blue 12a_12863_7f29_origroosig_di_red 12a_12863_7f29_origroosig_di_green
  • Collecting that day’s Blue, Red and Green Origins Veteran Insert within 24 hours will reward you a special Black Origins Variant Reward of that player the following day:
  • 12a_12862_7f29_originbase_di_black
  • Collecting that day’s Rookie Blue Signature, Rookie Red Signature and Rookie Green Signature will reward you a special Black Origins Rookie Signature Reward of that player the following day:
  • 12a_12863_7f29_origroosig_di_black

We’ve also added some extra bonus inserts to find during your chase! With each new Origins release, a new Origins Patch card will also be released. There will be no reward for collecting all 20 patches.


In addition to the patch, you can also find rare Quad Signature cards! A new Quad Signature will be released every other day for a total of 10 different Quad Signatures. There will be no reward for collecting all 10 quad signatures.


There are two ways to get Origins inserts. They are only available in the following packs:

  • Origins Pack – 250 coins – Blue Origins 1:5, Rookie Blue Origins Signature 1:5, Red Origins 1:10, Rookie Red Origins Signature 1:10, Green Origins 1:25, Rookie Green Origins Signature 1:25, Origins Patch 1:25, Quad Signature 1:100 packs on average
  • Origins Premium Pack – 5000 coins – 8 cards – Guaranteed Blue, Red, and Green Origins Veteran. Guaranteed Rookie Blue Signature, Rookie Red Signature, and Rookie Green Signature. Guaranteed Origins Patch. Quad Signature 1:5 packs on average

Today’s available players are:

  • Origins Veteran – Ben Roethlisberger
  • Origins Rookie Signature – Laquon Treadwell
  • Origins Patch – Tony Romo
  • Origins Quad Signature – Ezekiel Ellliott/Derrick Henry/Kenyon Drake/C.J. Prosise