FAQ – Pack Battle

FAQ – Pack Battle

How do you Pack Battle?

  • Head to the Pack Battle section of the app and pick a pack you’d like to use for your Pack Battle. Once you select a pack, you will be paired up with a random user who is using the same pack for their Battle. Once the Pack Battle begins, you will select one of the cards from your pack to battle. Using the player attributes on the back of the card, you then pick two of the categories. The sum of the attributes for both categories is used for your card battle score. Your opponent will then select one of their remaining cards and the sum of their scores for those same categories will be used to compare against your score. Whichever user has the highest combined category score for the match-up wins both cards used in the card battle. This process is then repeated for the remaining cards in the pack. The user with the most card wins is then credited with a Pack Battle Win!

How are category values determined?

  • No two cards in Pack Battles are identical. Users who battle using the exact same card may see a slight difference in category values. Each card in the battle is unique. With every card, a player’s category score can fall within a certain range. For example, Tom Brady may have a Strength score ranging between 575 and 675. So in a card battle he may have a Strength score of 672 on a Donruss Signature card and that same Tom Brady Donruss Signature card in another pack may have a Strength score of just 596. However, the range that a player’s score can fall in is determined by that player’s ability. For example, Leonard Fournette’s skill range may max out at 600 while Patrick Mahomes may max out at just 450 in a category. Card rarity and Scoring Boosts can also increase each stat on a player’s card.

Do I win cards even if I lost the overall Pack Battle?

  • Yes! Even if you lose four of the five card battles, you will still keep the one card from the battle you did win.

Can I Pack Battle against specific users or my friends?

  • This functionality is coming soon and we look forward to users battling against their friends.


I have a guest account, or a profile name that starts with ‘Guest…’ – how can I change it?

You’ll need to create an account (you currently have a guest account), as follows:

  1. Open the side menu from the top left button.
  2. Select Settings (at the bottom left corner).
  3. Select one of the social media accounts to connect, or you register with email.
  4. Once you have done this you will be asked to create a nickname.

You should be all set to go!

I had an account and now it’s saying nickname is already taken

  1. Open the side menu from the top left button.
  2. Select Settings (at the bottom left corner).
  3. Select ‘Log Out’. NOTE: If you have made purchases with your Guest account then don’t log-out, instead contact Support through the Menu with your existing username so we can merge your accounts.
  4. Now select the bottom button, ‘Register or Log in’ instead of ‘Play Now’.
  5. Log in using the method you used for your previous account.

Insert Odds

I’ve opened lots of packs, more than the odds say I should have to, but have not received an insert. Where is it?

The odds stated in a store listing tell you how likely each purchased pack is to contain an insert, not how many packs you need to open before you get one. For example, if a store item states a 1:10 chance of getting an insert that means that every pack you open has a 1:10 chance of containing that special card. It does not mean that you will definitely find an insert in every 10 packs you open, or that an insert will be given in every tenth pack opened by the whole community.

In some cases you may receive the insert in far less packs. In other cases it could take more. The 1:10 represents the chance of pulling the insert in each pack.Each time a pack is opened, it has a 1:10 chance to get the insert. The cumulative amount of packs opened does not effect the pack chance odds.


Card Counts

What is the ‘card count’ feature for?

Every card has a card count which tells you how many copies of that card have been found in packs and are owned by players You’ll see this in the top right corner one the screen when looking at a card in your collection, accompanied by a globe icon. The lower this number, the fewer copies of that card are out there, so it can be used to indicate how valuable it is for trading!


Direct Trades

How do Direct Trades work?

Direct trades work similarly to public trades, but they are only sent to one other player. You offer them a card, and tell them which of their cards you want in return. If they don’t agree to your offer they have the ability to make a counter offer.

To set up a Direct trade:

  1. You’ll need to be following the player you want to receive your offer. You can either:
    1. Press the player’s avatar image to open a menu, then press the Follow icon to follow them, or
    2. Go to the side menu, select Friends, Press the circular blue Add Friend button in the Following tab and enter their nickname.
  2. Open the side menu from the top left button.
  3. Select “Albums”.
  4. Navigate to the card you want to trade (select the Album the card belongs to, then scroll down to find the collection it’s in, then select the card to view it full screen).
  5. Press the Trade button at the bottom of the screen and select “Offer a Private Trade to a Friend”.
  6. Select the Friend from the Followers list that appears. If they’re not there, go back to step 1 and try again.
  7. Step 1 of 3 – Select cards from the other player’s collection that you want to receive by pressing on them – they’ll be added to your Trade Tray at the bottom. Press NEXT STEP to continue.
  8. Step 2 of 3 – You’ll see the card you wanted to offer the other player in the Trade Tray. Pick any other cards you want to offer them and tap them to add them to the Trade Tray. Press NEXT STEP to continue.
  9. Step 3 of 3 – You can optionally send a message along with your trade offer. Enter a message if you want to, the press Make your offer to send it to the other player.

What do I do if I receive an offer?

Any direct offers you receive can be found in the Direct Trades section of the app. From the home screen, go to the side menu, select Trades, then select RECEIVED in the Direct Trades Panel. You will see all the offers you have received. You can accept each offer (which will automatically swap your cards with the other player), make a Counter offer (which will allow you to make them an alternative offer) or Reject the offer (which will delete the offer and end the chain).



Public Trades

How do Public Trades work?

Players can list the cards they don’t want in the Public Trade Pool. Other players can look at their listing and bid cards in exchange – the player who listed the first card can review these bids and accept one.

To list a card in the Public Trade Pool

  1. Open the side menu from the top left button.
  2. Select “Albums”.
  3. Navigate to the card you want to trade (select the Album the card belongs to, then scroll down to find the collection it’s in, then select the card to view it full screen).
  4. Press the Trade button at the bottom of the screen and select “Build a Public Trade”.
  5. Step 1 of 3 – Your card appears at the bottom of the screen in the Trade Tray. Add any other cards you may want to give away in the same trade and press NEXT STEP.
  6. Step 2 of 3 – If there are any cards you particularly want in return, select them here to add them to the trade tray – you don’t need to add anything, but it’ll give other players an idea of what you’re looking to accept for your card(s). Press NEXT STEP to continue.
  7. Step 3 of 3 – Here you can choose how long you want the listing to be active before it expires, and leave a message to be displayed with it. When you’re ready, press Send To Trade Pool to finalize your listing and send it the Public Trade Pool.

How do I accept bids on my trade listings?

To see your listing while it is in progress you can go to Trades in the side menu, then press LISTINGS in the Public Trade Pool panel – from here you can review your bids (press the little hammer icon on the listing to see it’s current bids).

If you like a bid on your listing, press the Accept button to complete the trade! You’ll receive the cards offered by the bidder, and in return they’ll get the cards you put in the pool.

If your listing expires before you’ve picked a bid, don’t worry, you’ll have 24 hours after the time it expires to accept one.

What if my listing receives no bids?

If the listing expires and no-one has placed any bids on it, don’t worry – the listing will be automatically closed and your cards will be unlocked, ready to be traded again.


VIP Access


Earn VIP Access by making any coin purchase in the coin store.

VIP Access is granted for 24 hours following any coin purchase. VIP packs may include reduced price packs, reduced odds packs or exclusive content!