Insert Odds

I’ve opened lots of packs, more than the odds say I should have to, but have not received an insert. Where is it?

The odds stated in a store listing tell you how likely each purchased pack is to contain an insert, not how many packs you need to open before you get one. For example, if a store item states a 1:10 chance of getting an insert that means that every pack you open has a 1:10 chance of containing that special card. It does not mean that you will definitely find an insert in every 10 packs you open, or that an insert will be given in every tenth pack opened by the whole community.

In some cases you may receive the insert in far less packs. In other cases it could take more. The 1:10 represents the chance of pulling the insert in each pack.Each time a pack is opened, it has a 1:10 chance to get the insert. The cumulative amount of packs opened does not effect the pack chance odds.