Free Gift Pack! A Thank You – From Blitz!

NFL Blitz has some of the greatest users and community you can find in the digital world! During the challenging Covid-19 times, we started the appreciation gift boxes on 20 March 2020 to say THANK YOU to our collector community for spending some time with us every day. While many people are looking to find more things to do at home, we wanted to help out in the only way we can….with packs!

Here is the link to that blog post: Free Daily Boxes!

We were very happy to see our users enjoy this and for that reason, since then we have been continuing this for years now. Unfortunately, we will be pausing the daily gift boxes effective 30 Sep 2022, until we have brought in new content to keep these boxes fresh.

In the meanwhile, we will still have a few new things going on for our collector community. The player of the week contest exclusive animated cards giveaways have kicked off and we will try to keep it going through the NFL season.

Secondly, we have released a Prizm Red, Blue, and White exclusive Free pack for you. Make sure you claim your gift pack from the 2021 Prizm Pack store.

We also hope to roll out more of the 2022 NFL season content soon. Until we have more in 2022, you can continue to enjoy our new releases from the 2021 album.

Stay tuned for more updates!