Instant Players of the Week

Today’s Panini Instant Cards

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Every Friday, Panini Instant will be bringing you the top performers from each week of the NFL Season. We will be featuring the Rookie of the Week, Offensive Player of the Week, Defensive Player of the Week, and Fantasy Force of the Week.  The four players to earn those honors for Week 3 of the NFL Season are — Carson Wentz, Trevor Siemian, Derrick Johnson and Jameis Winston. In addition to our players of the week we’re also highlight two pairs of outstanding performances this past week from the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons.

As with all Panini Instant cards, these will be available to order for just 24 hours and will launch at noon CST on Wednesday. You can get the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!

For our Gridiron Digital fans, we are also providing special digital variations of the cards for Gridiron! Collectors will be able to chase the Panini Instant Insert along with special Signature versions within the APP! Like the physical cards, these cards will only be available for 24 hours!

Today’s Instant digital cards will be available in Gridiron in the following packs until 3pm EST 10/1/2016:

Today’s Gridiron Digital cards are:

  • Dak Prescott/Ezekiel Elliott (Dual Signature variation also available)
  • Devonta Freeman/Tevin Coleman (Dual Signature variation also available)
  • Carson Wentz (Signature variation also available)
  • Trevor Siemian (Signature variation also available)
  • Derrick Johnson (Signature variation also available)
  • Jameis Winston (Signature variation also available)
  • These cards are available in the following Gridiron packs, now with better odds and pricing!
  • Instant Coin Pack – 100 Coins – Now 1:10 odds on average to pull any Instant Base Insert!
  • Instant Guarantee Pack – Free with daily VIP Access (get VIP by purchasing any coin bundle that day) – Each VIP Pack contains all 8 Instant base versions!
  • Instant Signature Pack – Now $4.99USD – 1 guaranteed Panini Instant Signature Insert per pack – Available ONLY in this pack!
  •   64_prescott_instant_sig 65_freeman_instant_sig 66_wentz_instant_sig 67_siemian_instant_sig 68_johnson_instant_sig 69_winston_instant_sig

New Panini Instant cards will be released throughout the season capturing all the greatest plays, games and moments from the 2016 NFL Season.

Remember, you can also own the physical versions of the Panini Instant trading cards by going to the Panini Instant website ( and ordering there!