New 2020 Blitz Cards have arrived!

The 2020 NFL season is here!

We will have great Contests for 2020 with a variety of different prizes all season. To get you started with your 2020 contest teams, we have a brand new 2020 Blitz base set for you to collect. Head to the  Blitz store and start your collection today. There are 188 cards in the set available!

The 2020 Blitz set is available in 4 variations – Base, Bronze, Silver and Gold and each has a special Contest Bonus multiplier.


Collect all 188 cards for the 2020 Blitz set! 2020 Blitz cards are currently available in two packs:

2020 Blitz Pack – Each pack includes 4 cards plus 1 Bronze or Silver variation

2020 Blitz VIP Pack – Each pack includes 4 cards plus 1 Bronze, Silver or Gold variation

To get VIP status, make any coin purchase from the Blitz coin store!