Week 2 Contests Have Posted!

Week 1 contests came down to the wire, and with the Blitz Base set now in the pack store, its sure to be a nail biter again!

Just like last year we have a wide variety of contests for you to play in! Enter as many as you like and collect the rewards. Be sure your lineups are set before the start of the first game to ensure your team is included.

We’re continuing to give strong Digital and Physical prizing, especially in the premium contests, where we are giving away a box of 2020 Mosaic*, Premium FOTL Digital Packs, and big coin prizes!

Pro Tip: Keep in mind these rules in mind as you create your winning teams!

– Multiplier Cap: To bring more strategy to the contests we have implemented multiplier limits to contests. The sum of your bonus multipliers cannot exceed the limit. For example, if the multiplier limit is 50, then the sum of all the your Contest Multiplier cards (i.e. 2x, 5x, 10x) cannot exceed 50. Premium contests will have higher limits while Free Contests will be lower to give everyone a chance! Be sure to keep an eye on the multiplier indicator to ensure you are under the “cap”.
– Captains: After you have set your team, you can now choose a Team Captain. Captains will get an additional 2x Bonus for their scoring! Choose carefully because you can only choose one!
– Multiple entries: for any non Free contest, users can now enter as many lineups as they would like! Free contests will all be single entry only

All information is accurate at the time of posting – content is subject to change.*