Reminder! Complete your Blitz Sets for this Friday’s Awards!

Congratulations to all those that collected the weekly Blitz sets. Coming January 17th, the awards will be coming to collectors that own all cards in the following sets:

  • Zoomed In
  • Fantasy Kings
  • Rookie Breakouts
  • Dilfer’s Dimes
  • The Club
  • Leaps and Bounds

For completing the sets, users will get the reward card in the matching variations. Rewards will go out at the times listed below. This will be a one time handout. You must have the set complete in your collection to earn your Reward:

Zoomed In – Lamar Jackson Award – 10 am CST on January 17th

Fantasy Kings (Silver and Gold Rewards) – Barry Sanders Award – 11 am CST on January 17th

Rookie Breakouts (Base and Signature Rewards) – Drew Lock Award – 12 pm CST on January 17th

Dilfer’s Dimes – Eli Manning Award – 1 pm CST on January 17th

The Club (Silver and Gold Rewards) – Emmitt Smith Award – 2 pm CST on January 17th

Leaps and Bounds (Silver and Gold Rewards) – Jerry Rice Award – 3 pm CST on January 17th